Cheerleading's 1st Children's Book: ABC Cheer With Me!

Even though it has been around for 120+ years, cheerleading is still a relatively new and young sport. Meaning the culture around the ins and outs of cheer is still in development. 

One project that we at have been fortunate enough to work on is the release of cheerleading's first children's book, ABC Cheer With Me!

Written by former cheerleaders, who are currently coaches & young parents, Scott & Lauren forged new paths for cheerleading and hope to continue to do so for many years to come. The Cheer With Me book series was designed to support the growth of cheerleading for new audiences, and this first journey into children's books has been a raving success. Here's what some fans have had to say:

"We read it every night, my kids are obsessed!"

"My husband actually might understand cheerleading now. My kids love seeing their sport in a book finally!"

"Such a perfect gift for my old teammate at her baby shower."

Celebrate your love of cheerleading by sharing a copy of ABC Cheer With Me! today!